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Top 5 Myths About “No Bananas on Board” Your Fishing Boat.

Published by Joe Simonds 
courtesy of 

Why are fishermen so superstitious about making sure there are NO Bananas on board their boat while fishing???

I did some serious research on this banana fishing myth, interviewed anglers, and even put bananas on our own boat to test out this theory.

It turns out that “bad luck bananas on boats” is one of the oldest, longest running, and controversial fishing and boating superstition out there.

Some boaters and anglers swear by “bad luck bananas on board,” while others laugh at the superstition…

Note: You will be blown away below when you hear what happened on our fishing trip when there was an actual banana on board our boat…

But first, let’s cover the facts about fishing superstitions and bananas on board fishing vessels.

Fact: The more serious you are about fishing, the more superstitious you become…

I would even argue that fishermen and fisherwomen are perhaps the most superstitious group in America (besides the guy I see in the 7-11 convenient store that sits down on the ground Indian style every day as he scratches off his lotto tickets. Apparently he won $1,000 while sitting down Indian style with his legs crossed one time, and he thinks he must do it every time from now on to summon the good look fairy).

But anywho…some of the craziest superstitions (always masked as reasons that the fish aren’t biting on your boat) seem to arise from anglers.

Here are just a few funny fishing superstitions:

1) Whistling on a boat causes extreme bad luck for the entire boat

2) You can only enter the boat from a certain side or the entire day of fishing will be ruined

3) And the topic of this blog… that having Bananas on board your boat while fishing causes everything from motor failure, no fish, and a wild list of other detriments that you will hear about shortly (this “bananas cause bad luck fishing” theory has some anglers so superstitious about bananas on board that they won’t even allow Banana Boat sunscreen on board)

“No Bananas On Board!”

Let me tell you my own true story of what happened the one (and only) time that we “accidentally allowed” a banana on board our boat down in Florida.

(read more...)

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